The Aspen Therapy Practice


We began our practice 20 years ago, here in the peaceful Utah valley. Our focus has always been and will continue to be on results for our clients. We work to help our clients feel happy and fulfilled.

Our therapists are all very well trained and have life-experience that goes far beyond their collective training to provide sensitive and meaningful advice.

We accept most insurances because this lets us help the most people. We also accept cash and payments from ecclesiastical organizations.

Our Mission

Aspen Therapy’s mission is to provide the highest standard of therapeutic services that will guide and support you in your emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Our Commitment to You

We are dedicated to creating an environment where you will feel safe and understood.

Our priority is to establish and promote this nurturing atmosphere in order to assist you in addressing and exploring the challenging issues that have been keeping you from living the life you would prefer.

Together, we will work to help you identify answers to your problems, build on your strengths and develop the skills you need to prosper in your life.

Our commitment to you is to make therapy a positive and productive experience.

Our Therapists

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Rita Edmonds Photo

rita edmonds

Ruth Killpack Photo

Ruth killpack

Founder, Retired


What People Are Saying
  • Goal Based

    “As a counselor, her primary concern was getting us to our goal. And she did!”

    – V and T from Lehi
  • Let the Past Go

    “I’ve let the past and my negativity go forever. Thanks Aspen!”

    – R from Spanish Fork
  • Learn to Use the Tools

    “I always had the tools . . . she taught me how to use them!”

    – B from Provo
  • Tons of Hope

    “Hope . . . after the first session I left with tons of it!”

    – M from Alpine
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness

    “She helped me find acceptance . . . and explained that I can take all the time I need to get to forgiveness.”

    – C from Draper
  • Panic Is Gone

    “My panic is gone . . . really gone . . . unbelievable!”

    – N from Mapleton
  • Ready to Face the Future

    “I not only feel healed from my past, but I feel resilient and ready to face the future . . . EMDR is amazing!”

    – K from Provo
  • Not All His Fault

    “I always thought things were his fault not mine . . . I learned it’s a negative cycle we both get into.”

    – C from Orem
  • No Judgment

    "She did not judge us . . . she accepted us and helped us to the best of her ability.”

    – A and D from American Fork
  • Friends Again

    “There is now a bond forming between my teenager and I – we’re really friends again.”

    – M and C from Provo
  • I Can Handle It

    “Are my days perfect now . . . well, no, but now I know why, and I know how to handle whatever comes my way!”

    – D from Alpine
  • Soaring Self-Esteem

    “My self-esteem is soaring – I want everyone I care about to experience EMDR!”

    – G from Highland
  • We Are Different

    “We are not the same two people who walked into her office - we are different. Thanks!”

    – V and P from Provo