Lujean Marshall, LCSW


Lujean Marshall received her Master of Social Work Degree at the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work.

She received her Bachelor of Social Work Degree at Brigham Young University.

She received her Associate Degree in Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University.

Lujean has extensive experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Strength Based Therapy, and Assertiveness Training. She began working in the mental health field over 25 years at Utah Valley University’s Turning Point, Center for Personal and Career Development. Her experience there includes personal consultations, and helping individuals struggling with life transitions and self- confidence. At Turning Point she taught group psychoeducational classes covering effective communication skills, empowerment through accountability, healthy self-concepts, stress management, anger management, and healthy relationship skills.

She also participated in the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition and the North County Multi-Agency Response Team for over 10 years. She graduated from the Weber State College Victim Assistance Academy and has training and experience assisting victims of domestic violence who need to heal from the trauma of abuse and regain their self- confidence and personal power.

Lujean is passionate about empowering people to overcome challenges by drawing on their own inherent strengths and support systems. People who come to her office find a safe place to tell their story, process their emotions, and learn the knowledge and skills needed to work through their afflictions and find balance in their mental and emotional health.

She has a particular affinity to those who have difficulty finding acceptance and support in the cultures that surround them. She offers compassionate and nonjudgmental therapy to people in need of support.