Ruth Killpack, Ph.D.


Ruth Killpack received her Ph.D. from Brigham Young University and has thoroughly enjoyed serving clients in her full-time private practice since 1987.

She has an extensive background in counseling adults, running therapy groups, and teaching assertive communication skills.

Ruth offers professional, caring treatment to

clients, ages 18 to 80, who have problems with depression, anxiety, parenting and other relationship issues, grief issues, backgrounds of abuse and trauma, poor coping skills, communication, low self-esteem, and stress. She will assist you in identifying where the problem is and in clarifying the goals you want to achieve in counseling.

She is trained and experienced in several methods to help her clients, including: EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), RT (Redecision Therapy) and Assertiveness Training.

EMDR was developed to resolve trauma-related disorders caused by past exposure to distressing events such as abuse, accidents, or combat. It is also very helpful in treating anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues.

CBT aims to move clients toward happier, more productive ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving via a systematic approach of problem assessment, problem solving, and implementation of new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present.

RT helps clients unburden past experiences and decisions in order to fuller lives in the present.

Productive therapy is more than just finding a qaulified therapist. Being a therapist that truly makes a difference in an individual's life takes not only years of experience and theoretical knowledge but it also takes a genuinely accepting and loving professional. Ruth Killpack is this kind of a professional.

"A problem clearly stated is a problem half solved." Brande

Ruth's Specialties



Learn communication skills to express your needs, rights and feelings (positive and negative) without violating the liberties and limits of others.

(Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Focuses on patterns of thinking that are maladaptive and the beliefs that underlie such thinking.

re-decision Therapy

Focuses on pivotal childhood decisions that result in present day dysfunction while supporting client’s competencies, strengths and inner resources.